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What is Chiropractic?

The term Chiropractic means "done by hand". In laymen's terms chiropractic involves finding and repairing the cause of pain, without chemicals and medicine. Chiropractors don't medicate, we correct body processes, and here's how we do it...

"Mechanical dysfunction" of joints and muscles occurs from everyday actions like lifting heavy objects, prolonged periods of sitting at one's desk, an awkward night's sleep, a fall, accident or injury, and even high stress levels. These factors cause our moveable vertebrae to lose normal motion. The joints between vertebrae - called FACET JOINTS - may then become jammed or fixed, leading to spasm of the surrounding muscles. Spinal nerves between adjacent vertebrae may also become irritated, causing pain around the joint or referral of pain elsewhere.

Chiropractors correct such problems primarily by performing ADJUSTMENTS, which are specialized manipulations of the affected joints. Patients often experience some immediate relief as normal joint motion is restored, spasm in the muscle is eased, and restrictive pressure or irritation is removed from the nerve. Patients may require a few treatments before the body realigns and responds to the corrective changes.

Many chiropractors also include other modalities of treatment in order to address health holistically, as well as to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions from colic in infants, to arthritis in the elderly, and sports injuries in between! These include dry needling, ultrasound and electrotherapies, massage therapy, exercise and rehabilitation, postural correction and ergonomics, as well as nutrition and supplementation.

We help you be your best by restoring the communication pathways between your brain and body.

By consulting a chiropractor, you are making a long-term investment in bodily health, alleviating pain and preventing future discomfort. Like they say: “It is easier to stay well than to get well.”